My work is an exploration of the physical and spiritual nature of life expressed in color and movement. I believe the purpose of art is to help one find their place in the universe, and I consider a painting a success if it has that spiritual quality that draws people into a state of meditative contemplation.


When I paint Itend to spend more time watching than actually making marks. I set events in motion on the canvas and watch as they develop.  It is a process of tending and caring and occasionally culling and pruning.


My work is meant to be evocative rather than representational.  I want to engage the viewer and bring to the surface the same sense of wonder you might get by looking at a sunset, the northern lights, a coral reef, or a star-filled sky.  My paintings are composed without linguistic thought; there are no words running through my head.  The process is deeply subliminal.  It is my goal to communicate with the viewer on that subconscious level.