Having always been curious about our crazy world, I’ve wondered who we are and why we behave the way we do. My interests have orbited around what goes on in our inner lives and the psychological, spiritual, sociological, political and philosophical questions that arise when we navel-gaze. I wish I’d been smarter then to have asked more of the right questions and wise enough now to be able to put it all together in some coherent narrative. But I wasn’t, and I’m not, and now, most of that decades-long interest has turned to sheer exhaustion


We are a taxing bunch.


But still, I paint the figure while I figure us out. And still, the media continues to be the main source of information and inspiration because of the almost limitless supply of images found in books, magazines, the internet, music, billboards, advertising, and photographs, etc. Appropriating imagery is tricky old news but I’ve never aimed for anything as highfalutin as “originality” in this media saturated landscape because who knows what being original even means anymore? I’ve come to realize that I like to “riff” off what other creative types have already said and done and I think of it almost like having an ongoing conversation with them. 


They never hear me, of course.

It’s just me, myself and I going around and around…