Donna Caselden Artist Statement 

My artwork is quite varied, running the gamut from wearable art to 2 dimensional paintings, with many things in between. At times I will have an idea in my mind, but the finished design is never the way I thought it would be. Over the years, I’ve allowed myself to trust my intuition, and realize that’s the best way for my artwork to evolve. 

The majority of my 2D artwork is made on stretched canvas, using either acrylic or combinations of acrylic and oil. Many times I’ll incorporate an unusual substance to give the piece some texture. This can be anything from marble dust or sand to coffee grounds or wood shavings. I’ll usually incorporate these items in either cold wax if I’m working with oil paint, or a type of gel medium when working with acrylics.
The subject matter is always something that emerges from my mind. I almost never have a set idea as to what I’ll be painting before I begin.

I’m not influenced by any one artist. I love all types of artwork, but I love modern and contemporary art the most. If had had to pick one of my favorite artists it would be Dustin Yellin.